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Athea Laboratories manufactures and private labels over 400 liquid, wet wipe, and powder formulas that are sold around the world through distribution and OEM partnerships.

Project Overview

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Athea’s previous website was built on a proprietary content management system (CMS). As years passed, the CMS platform became outdated and struggled to support the site. It was time for a website redesign and Athea came to Top Floor to create a solid foundation for their future marketing efforts. The manufacturer wanted their new site to attract qualified visitors and engage them with great content, user experience (UX), and compelling calls to action. Just as important, Athea was looking for an effective website approach that would allow them to make their own changes and ongoing content management. 

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The Results

Athea Laboratories has established their online presence with a modern website that not only reflects their brand but also one that works hand-in-hand with their marketing ambitions. The website is now mobile responsive and user-friendly too, which is reflected in the improved site search and the Rep Locator components. The newly structured product detail pages allow users to navigate through the website to find relevant information and content. But the new CMS backend experience and editing capabilities are perhaps the biggest improvements for Athea and the missing link to expanding their sales and marketing efforts. To complement those structural website goals, the collaboration with Athea led to other additions that would highlight Athea’s brand, capabilities, and culture.

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