Youtube is one of the most important social media networks for musicians. Many people spend more time on Youtube watching videos than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Not only that but on YouTube they are very keen to watch music related content! So if you’re trying to reach fans, it makes sense to have your music on there somewhere right?!

 To help you understand how to get the most from your presence on YouTube, we have put together a simple guide.

1) Create a channel for your band

This is the first step. Go to Youtube and create a Simple account if you don’t already have one! Then simply set up a “channel” which is where all your uploads will go.

There’s not really much more to it than that! The only other thing you need to know is that the channel owner (person who created it) needs to be set as an administrator of what goes up there or nobody will be able to edit anything. If you want somebody else in your band to upload stuff, give them the Owner role.

2) Think about your name and video thumbnails

When searching for your band’s Youtube channel, you want to make it easy for people to find it. The best thing is just to use your band name in your title but if that’s already in use, maybe consider something related to the genre of music you play. This is because people tend to search things by genre. If you’re a “hip hop band” then the words “hip hop” in your title or video thumbnail might be attractive to someone searching for that type of music!

3) Upload lots of guitar/bass Tabs and lots of Lyrics videos

People who use Youtube for music discover new songs either by watching a lyric video, a cover version or an instructional video. It’s always best to upload original content to your channel as this will rank higher in Youtube’s algorithm. People don’t want to watch covers all the time so uploading lyrics videos as well as tabs means you’ll show up in multiple places when somebody is searching for specific songs! For example, somebody in a band might want to learn how to play your song and they’ll search for “your band name” + tab or lyric video. Or they might just want to watch the lyrics with the music so it’s easier for them to sing along when at home! To do this we recommend using every social network you have at your disposal, including Facebook groups and forums, chat rooms etc.

Don’t save up all your videos and upload them all at once. If you only have one new video a month no-one will go back to check if there are more unless they’ve really enjoyed what they saw – but most people won’t even get that far because nobody would subscribe if there isn’t enough content. Youtube doesn’t like it when you only upload stuff every now and then because they see this as a sign that your channel isn’t active. So to make your channel look more active, upload consistently!

4) Make sure people know where you are

At the top of every video there is usually space for at least one link so take advantage of this! You can insert links to your other social media networks or even external music stores such as iTunes or Spotify etc. Use keywords in these links because Youtube will use them as tags which help search engines find you easier too. If somebody has found you on youtube but wants to listen all the way through your album on Spotify then hopefully this will encourage them into clicking another one! (Other social media networks are obviously important too but Youtube really is the key player here because it’s like an online TV channel).

5) Check your video thumbnails

Here’s another thing you can do to encourage clicks – make better thumbnails! Thumbnails (the picture that appears for your videos when someone searches or browses through channels) should always catch people’s attention. Don’t just use boring screenshots of the album art – nobody will click on those unless they have absolutely no other choice! You need to try and engage with people by offering them a reason to watch. To help you out, there are lots of great resources out there where you can find images which relate directly to what you’re uploading.


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