Revolutionizing Drug Testing
A Case Study on 12 Panel Now’s Ecommerce Success

Client Background

12 Panel Now is a leading provider of bulk drug tests at the most competitive prices. They offer a wide range of drug test cups, strips, and oral swabs, with the ability to detect a variety of substances. Their mission is to provide affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use drug testing solutions to rehab centers, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.
12 Panel Now sought to create a robust ecommerce platform that would allow direct orders from drug rehab centers and clinics, as well as facilitate wholesale sales, quoting, and invoicing. They also aimed to establish an Amazon store for online sales and a CRM system for effective email marketing and follow-up.

Wolf and his team seamlessly executed our entire digital eCommerce strategy with incredible skill and expertise. Their ability to implement dynamic eCommerce solutions within WordPress provides consistent results and an easy to manage backend to handle our orders, fulfillment and shipping. Wolf setup a complete Amazon Store for us that now generates $220,000 a month our Google Adwords Campaign brings in $50,000 a month on a $6K investment. We consider Smarter Revolution an extension of our company, not just another partner.
John Skeffington - Founder – 12

Streamlined Sales Amazon Marketplace
Smarter Revolution's creation of an ecommerce platform for 12 Panel Now revolutionized the way customers interacted with the brand, providing them with the ability to place orders directly and effortlessly. Coupled with a quoting and invoicing system, this transformation led to a surge in sales and satisfaction. In addition, the CRM and email follow-up strategy further strengthened customer relationships, effectively engaging potential leads and nurturing them, resulting in higher conversion rates.
Taking a giant leap forward, Smarter Revolution assisted 12 Panel Now in breaking into the expansive Amazon marketplace. The establishment of a dedicated Amazon store provided an avenue for reaching a broader customer base, multiplying opportunities for engagement and sales. Along with a brand redesign to resonate with this new audience, the strategy has had a marked impact, substantially boosting monthly sales and amplifying 12 Panel Now's presence in the competitive market.


  • 3111 West Allegheny Avenue Pennsylvania 19132
  • 1-982-782-5297
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Results and Benefits

The solutions provided by Smarter Revolution propelled 12 Panel Now from a startup to a multi-million dollar business in less than a year. They now enjoy monthly sales close to $100K from Amazon alone and have a growing list of drug rehab partners who reorder monthly.

Rapid Business Growth

The powerful ecommerce solution and Amazon store setup led to a rapid increase in sales, transforming 12 Panel Now into a multi-million dollar business in less than a year.

Expanded Customer Base

The CRM and email follow-up system allowed 12 Panel Now to effectively engage and nurture potential customers, leading to an expanded customer base and higher conversion rates.

Increased Sales from Amazon

With the establishment of their Amazon store, 12 Panel Now was able to tap into a larger customer base, resulting in monthly sales close to $100K from Amazon alone.

Strong Partnerships with Rehab Centers

The streamlined sales process and reliable drug testing solutions offered by 12 Panel Now have led to strong partnerships with numerous drug rehab centers, who now reorder on a monthly basis.


The case of 12 Panel Now is a testament to the transformative power of effective ecommerce solutions. With the right strategies and tools, they were able to rapidly grow their business, increase sales, and establish strong partnerships. This success story underscores the importance of a well-designed ecommerce platform, a strong online presence, and effective customer relationship management. It also highlights the role of innovative solutions like Smarter Revolution in helping businesses reach their full potential.

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