Revitalizing Dr. Jenelle Kim’s Digital Presence

Client Background

Dr. Jenelle Kim, DACM, L.Ac, is a renowned Doctor of Chinese Medicine, speaker, educator, and author. She is dedicated to the incorporation of Tao philosophy and mindfulness into daily life through Living Meditation. Her website serves as a platform to share her philosophy, offer courses, and promote her book. However, the website needed a redesign, and Dr. Kim sought to expand her digital presence with a book pre-launch campaign, a YouTube channel, and landing pages for her book.
Dr. Kim’s website required a comprehensive update and redesign to better reflect her brand and philosophy. She needed a powerful ecommerce infrastructure to support her book pre-launch campaign and to sell her book on various publisher websites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, she wanted to start a YouTube channel and build landing pages for her book.
I highly recommend Smarter Revolution to anyone in need of Digital Agency Services. Wolf’s experience and dedication to a project is unparalleled. The team has been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together. I have been working with Wolf for over a year now, and I must say his services are outstanding. He always has the best ideas and knows exactly what to do to get the best results. Wolf is always around when I need him, even if it's past office hours! He is easily my best digital marketing consultant that I've ever worked with.

Dr. Jenelle Kim, DACM, L.Ac.Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Speaker, Educator, Author
Digital Transformation Online Book Campaign
Smarter Revolution completely transformed Dr. Kim's digital landscape by introducing a redesigned website, optimizing it with user-friendly interfaces and visuals that resonate with her brand. The robust ecommerce infrastructure, fortified with WordPress plugins and tools, ensured a seamless user experience. Alongside the website, a dedicated YouTube channel was established, serving as a versatile platform for Dr. Kim to engage with her audience, share insights, and broaden her digital reach. Together, these initiatives marked a significant milestone in enhancing her online presence.
A meticulously planned and executed pre-launch campaign for Dr. Kim's book demonstrated Smarter Revolution's expertise in strategic marketing. By crafting landing pages with attractive coupons and creating a press release section to bolster her PR efforts, they managed to hit the publisher's target sales right on schedule. These endeavors not only accomplished the immediate goal but also paved the way for new brand awareness for Dr. Kim, fortifying her position as a recognized authority in her field.


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Results and Benefits

The collaboration with Smarter Revolution resulted in a successful book launch, increased brand awareness, growth in newsletter followers, and an expanded PR campaign. The website served as a hub for engagement and now offers a course. The YouTube channel also allowed for increased engagement with followers.

Successful Book Launch

The book pre-launch campaign was a success, achieving the target book sales set by the publisher on time. This was a significant milestone for Dr. Kim

Growth in Newsletter Followers

The creation of an email newsletter system led to a growth in newsletter followers. This allowed Dr. Kim to maintain regular contact with her followers and share valuable updates.

Increased Brand Awareness

The various initiatives undertaken increased brand awareness for Dr. Kim. The redesigned website, YouTube channel, and successful book launch all contributed to this.

Expanded PR Campaign

The creation of a press release section on the website facilitated an expanded PR campaign. This helped in promoting Dr. Kim's work and philosophy to a wider audience.


The collaboration between Dr. Jenelle Kim and Smarter Revolution is a testament to the power of a well-executed digital strategy. The comprehensive services provided by Smarter Revolution, from website redesign to the creation of a YouTube channel, have significantly enhanced Dr. Kim’s digital presence. The successful book launch and the growth in newsletter followers are clear indicators of this success. This case study serves as a blueprint for how a robust digital strategy can help individuals like Dr. Kim expand their reach, increase brand awareness, and achieve their goals.

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