Elevating JBK Wellness Labs
A Digital Transformation Journey

Client Background

JBK Wellness Labs is a leading provider of white-label beauty products, offering low minimum orders, organic ingredients, proprietary formulas, CBD options, and vegan products. Founded by Dr. Jenelle Kim, an award-winning motivational speaker and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, JBK Wellness Labs prides itself on its unique, high-quality products. Their website serves as a platform for wholesale partners to request quotes, order complimentary samples, and explore their extensive product catalog.
JBK Wellness Labs sought to create a robust ecommerce solution that would facilitate wholesale sales, quoting, and invoicing. They also needed a comprehensive tradeshow system with digital displays and iPad stands. Additionally, they wanted to establish a powerful CRM and email marketing follow-up system to invite people to tradeshows and maintain engagement with their customers.
I am so happy I found Wolf and Smarter Revolution! We have developed a brand new eCommerce website that has a powerful inventory management and fulfillment system. The best thing is that they're really reasonably priced compared to the competition. I have found that the entire sales and marketing system is amazingly effective and has helped me really streamline my efforts. I love how easy it is to set up campaigns and make tweaks as needed. They have also developed our complete and super functional Tradeshow Booth. You can always count on Wolf, WOW, top notch - he is always there when I need him.

Craig Nandoo -Founder, JBK Wellness Labs
Digital Transformation Tradeshow & Brand Redo
Smarter Revolution's innovative digital solutions ushered in a new era for JBK Wellness Labs. The state-of-the-art ecommerce system, complete with quoting and invoicing functionalities, revolutionized the wholesale transaction process, enhancing partner experience and boosting sales. Simultaneously, the integration of a CRM and tailored email follow-up system allowed for regular, personalized engagement with customers and partners. This dynamic combination not only maintained relationships but opened doors for new opportunities, solidifying JBK Wellness Labs' presence in the market.
The creation of a comprehensive tradeshow system empowered JBK Wellness Labs to showcase their products with professionalism and flair. Complete with digital displays and iPad stands, the system attracted potential partners and customers, turning heads at tradeshows. Complementing this was a brand redesign, a critical element that breathed new life into the business's identity. By integrating the revitalized brand into every aspect of the operation, Smarter Revolution ensured that JBK Wellness Labs stood out, forging a distinct and appealing presence in a competitive landscape.


  • 3111 West Allegheny Avenue Pennsylvania 19132
  • 1-982-782-5297
  • support@smarterrevolution.com
View our 2020 Medical prospectus of brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offer.

Results and Benefits

The collaboration with Smarter Revolution resulted in successful tradeshows, a powerful ecommerce system for wholesale partners, and an effective CRM and email management system. These improvements have streamlined operations, increased sales, and enhanced customer engagement.

Powerful Ecommerce System

The robust ecommerce system has made it easier for wholesale partners to place orders, request quotes, and manage invoices, leading to increased sales and improved partner satisfaction.

Effective CRM and Email Management

The CRM and email follow-up system has improved customer engagement, allowing JBK Wellness Labs to maintain regular contact with their customers and partners, provide updates, and promote their products.

Increased Sales through Email Outreach

The high open rates of 55%+ indicated that the email campaigns were well-received by the target audience, contributing to the overall success of the outreach efforts.

Brand Redesign

The brand redesign has given JBK Wellness Labs a fresh, modern look that better reflects their high-quality products and commitment to wellness. This has enhanced their brand image and attracted more customers.


The partnership between JBK Wellness Labs and Smarter Revolution is a testament to the transformative power of digital solutions. The comprehensive services provided by Smarter Revolution, from the ecommerce system to the tradeshow setup, have significantly enhanced JBK Wellness Labs’ operations and customer engagement. The successful tradeshows, increased sales, and improved customer engagement are clear indicators of this success. This case study serves as a blueprint for how a robust digital strategy can help businesses like JBK Wellness Labs streamline operations, increase sales, and enhance customer engagement.

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