Empowering GreenDocs.US
Pioneering Medical Cannabis Accessibility in Florida

Client Background

GreenDocs.US is a trailblazing marketing and infrastructure firm specializing in Florida’s burgeoning medical cannabis market. As a robust player in the industry, GreenDocs.US expertly helps patients navigate the intricacies of securing medical cannabis cards. Their promise of a 100% money-back guarantee, low-cost evaluations, and efficient processing positions them as a reliable authority in the domain. Moreover, they provide doctors with comprehensive support in patient certification, allowing practices to offer credible and effective medical cannabis solutions.
Despite their wide-ranging expertise, GreenDocs.US was faced with the daunting task of creating a unique, user-friendly ecommerce platform and membership website to help Floridians secure medical cannabis licensing. Their main objective was to seamlessly integrate an automatic process connecting patients with physicians and to ensure a steady influx of patients to doctors’ offices. They also needed an effective online support system with secure payment processing.
"Wolf and the Smarter Revolution team have been instrumental in redefining the way we do business at GreenDocs.US. As a leader in the medical cannabis market, we needed an innovative and robust digital solution that could keep up with our rapid growth. Wolf took the time to understand our business, our challenges, and our ambitions. The bespoke ecommerce platform they designed has dramatically simplified our processes, particularly in linking patients with physicians and managing online appointments. Since implementing their system, we've seen a significant surge in patient engagement and satisfaction, and our brand recognition has skyrocketed. Our revenue has also grown substantially. Smarter Revolution's approach is characterized by innovation, efficiency, and a genuine commitment to their clients' success. Wolf's leadership and his team's proficiency have truly revolutionized our online presence and operational efficiency. I can't recommend them enough for any business seeking to optimize and grow their digital footprint. A big thank you to Wolf and his outstanding team at Smarter Revolution!"

Michael Olshavsky, Co-Founder GreenDocs.Us Miami, Florida
Digital Transformation Seamless Appointments
Smarter Revolution initiated a comprehensive digital transformation for GreenDocs.US by developing a WordPress-powered website, enriched with conversion-focused landing pages. The process also included the creation of a brand logo and the setup of an email outreach system, leading to a more unified and recognizable brand presence. These enhancements provided GreenDocs.US with the tools needed to connect with a broader patient demographic, positioning them as a modern and accessible healthcare provider.
The integration of a user-friendly online appointment system with merchant and payment services streamlined the patient experience for GreenDocs.US, making it effortless for users to secure appointments and make payments. Furthermore, the unique branding through a distinct logo, paired with targeted email outreach, reinforced GreenDocs.US's market position, driving customer engagement and satisfaction. The harmonious combination of technology and design offered a complete solution, enhancing overall accessibility and brand recognition.


  • 3111 West Allegheny Avenue Pennsylvania 19132
  • 1-982-782-5297
  • support@smarterrevolution.com
View our 2020 Medical prospectus of brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offer.

Results and Benefits

Smarter Revolution’s strategy led to remarkable results. GreenDocs.US saw a significant increase in patient inquiries, registrations, and appointments.

Patient Engagement

The intuitive, user-friendly website, combined with a targeted email outreach program, resulted in a 60% increase in patient engagement within the first quarter.

Appointment Scheduling

With the new online appointment system, appointment scheduling efficiency improved by 70%, contributing to better patient satisfaction and retention.

Brand Recognition

The unique logo and consistent branding strategy amplified GreenDocs.US's visibility in the Florida medical cannabis market, boosting brand recognition by 45%.

Revenue Generation

The overall improved user experience, coupled with an increased patient base, led to a notable 55% increase in revenue within six months post-implementation.


The collaboration between Smarter Revolution and GreenDocs.US was a resounding success, demonstrative of the transformative power of robust digital solutions in navigating the complexities of the medical cannabis market. The newly created ecommerce platform and enhanced marketing strategy led to increased patient engagement, brand recognition, and revenue generation. Additionally, the automatic patient-physician connecting process helped streamline operations, proving instrumental in improving patient satisfaction and retention. This partnership underscores the importance of integrating innovative digital solutions in healthcare services, particularly within niche domains like medical cannabis. With its newly fortified digital presence and operational efficiency, GreenDocs.US is better positioned to champion accessible, reliable medical cannabis solutions in Florida.

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