Revitalizing Health
Digital Transformation Journey with My Vitality Plus

Client Background

My Vitality Plus is a health-focused organization dedicated to providing non-medication treatments for neuropathy and chronic nerve discomfort. They offer a wide range of effective treatments for nerve pain caused by various conditions including diabetes and chemotherapy. Their mission is to empower individuals suffering from these conditions to take control of their health and find relief through non-medication treatments. They strive to create a supportive and inclusive community where individuals can share their experiences and learn from each other.
Smarter Revolution provided a powerful and engaging WordPress website with additional landing pages to convert website visitors into patients. A distinct brand and logo were developed, an email outreach system was built, an easy online appointment system was implemented, and PayPal payment integration was established.
"As a health-focused organization, we at My Vitality Plus were in dire need of a digital transformation. Wolf and his team at Smarter Revolution were instrumental in this journey. They created a unique and engaging website that not only educates our patients about our non-medication treatments but also facilitates easy online appointment bookings. The development of our brand and logo has given us a strong market presence, and the email outreach system they built has significantly improved our customer engagement. The integration of PayPal for secure payments was the cherry on top. We've seen a substantial increase in our client base since the website launch. Wolf's expertise and the dedication of the Smarter Revolution team have truly revolutionized our digital presence. We couldn't be more satisfied with the results."

Michael Olshavsky, Partner at My Vitality Plus, Miami, Florida
Web Presence & Conversion Patient Engagement & Secure Transactions
Smarter Revolution's creation of a new website and landing pages for My Vitality Plus marked a significant stride in reaching and educating patients about non-medication treatments. More than a mere digital presence, the strategically designed landing pages served as effective conversion tools, transforming casual visitors into committed patients. The cohesive design and informative content made for an engaging user experience, leading to an increase in the client base and solidifying My Vitality Plus's online position.
With the integration of an online appointment system and PayPal payment options, Smarter Revolution enhanced the patient experience for My Vitality Plus. The appointment system provided much-needed flexibility, allowing patients to book at their convenience, while PayPal ensured secure transactions. Additionally, the unique brand and logo development, coupled with an effective email outreach system, helped My Vitality Plus to strengthen its market presence and foster improved communication with both potential and existing patients.


  • 3111 West Allegheny Avenue Pennsylvania 19132
  • 1-982-782-5297
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Results and Benefits

The services provided by Smarter Revolution resulted in a significant increase in the client base of My Vitality Plus. The engaging website and landing pages attracted more visitors, while the online appointment system and PayPal integration improved the user experience. The brand/logo development and email outreach system enhanced the company’s market presence and customer engagement.

Increased Client Base

The engaging website and landing pages effectively converted visitors into patients, leading to an increase in the client base of My Vitality Plus.

Improved Market Presence

The unique brand and logo developed by Smarter Revolution helped My Vitality Plus establish a strong presence in the market.

Enhanced User Experience

The online appointment system and PayPal integration provided convenience and security to the patients, enhancing their overall experience.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

The email outreach system facilitated regular communication with potential and existing patients, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.


The digital transformation journey of My Vitality Plus, facilitated by Smarter Revolution, is a testament to the power of a well-designed website and effective online systems. The engaging website, combined with the convenience of online appointments and secure payments, significantly increased the client base. The unique brand and logo, along with the email outreach system, enhanced the company’s market presence and customer engagement. This case study serves as a powerful example of how digital solutions can revolutionize a business, leading to improved customer experience, increased client base, and enhanced market presence.

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