A Case Study on 2ND GEAR’s Success

Client Background

2ND GEAR, a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, is a leading provider of off-lease refurbished computers, laptops, and networking equipment. With a focus on serving schools and businesses, they operate from a 37,000 square foot Technology & Refurbishment Center in Albuquerque, NM. Here, over 40,000 computers are professionally refurbished, meeting the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Their services extend beyond hardware, offering full and part-time help desk support, device lifecycle management, and IT support.
2ND GEAR faced the daunting task of effectively communicating with thousands of potential and existing customers present in their MS Dynamics CRM. The goal was to create a seamless workflow for email outreach campaigns targeting schools and businesses across the USA, with the aim of increasing sales and re-engaging customers.
Seamless Integration Inbox Email Marketing
Smarter Revolution's innovative approach led to the integration of MS Dynamics through API connections, tailored to 2ND GEAR's unique requirements. By crafting custom workflows using Python and the MS platform, they managed to bridge the gap between various email marketing systems, maximizing efficiency in lead collection and contact updates. These API connections enabled fluid data transfer, and the extraction and generation of targeted lists for email outreach, epitomizing a solution that was both elegant and effective.
Smarter Revolution's strategic implementation of inbox email marketing played a vital role in 2ND GEAR's lead collection and contact updates. By leveraging MS Dynamics CRM through API connections, they facilitated targeted email outreach campaigns that connected seamlessly with various marketing systems. This was further enhanced by the use of unbounce.com to manage landing pages. The result was an efficient, continuous stream of potential customers, reaching the inbox with precision. The tailored approach taken in email marketing ensured that the messages were not only delivered but resonated with the target audience, driving engagement and fostering growth.


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Results and Benefits

The collaboration with Smarter Revolution resulted in high conversion rates to online events through email outreach, high engagement of potential customers, and impressive open rates of 55%+. The seamless workflow back into MS Dynamics CRM proved invaluable, positioning Smarter Revolution as a valuable partner in email outreach.

Rapid Business Growth

The high conversion rates to online events demonstrated the effectiveness of the email outreach campaigns, leading to increased customer engagement and potential sales.

Expanded Customer Base

The seamless workflow back into MS Dynamics CRM ensured that all customer interactions were tracked and managed effectively, enhancing the overall customer relationship management process.

Increased Sales through Email Outreach

The high open rates of 55%+ indicated that the email campaigns were well-received by the target audience, contributing to the overall success of the outreach efforts.

Strong Partnership

Smarter Revolution's role as a valuable partner in email outreach was solidified, paving the way for future collaborations and continued success.


The case of 2ND GEAR is a testament to the power of effective customer engagement strategies. By leveraging the right tools and expertise, they were able to transform their outreach efforts, resulting in impressive conversion and open rates. The seamless integration with their existing CRM ensured that no customer interaction was lost, enhancing their overall customer relationship management. This case study serves as a blueprint for other businesses looking to revolutionize their customer engagement efforts. With the right partner, the right tools, and the right approach, businesses can achieve their goals and drive their success to new heights.

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